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Our clients have a need that isn’t met by the typical unarmed or armed uniformed security officer who has little to no training and limited life experiences to prepare them for a true security threat.

>   These needs need our higher level of security professionals.


Why HRP Agency?

  •     Rapid response with nationwide service.
  •     Licensed and trained for Power to Arrest.
  •     License and trained in Advanced Baton, Pepper Spray and Firearms.
  •     Qualified security personnel to meet any security requirement.
  •     We apply advanced technologies and logistical processes to our operations.
  •     Trained in CPR/First Aid.
  •     Professional training programs that exceed standard requirements.
  •     We incorporate the strict standards of accountability.
  •     Consistent and Reliable Service.
  •     Responsive Management Team.
  •     Individualized Attention to Customer Needs.


Mobil Patrol Division


High-Risk Protective Agency and its Mobile

Vehicle Patrol Division is a cost-Effective

solution where standing officers are not practical

or necessary.


Mobile Patrol checks can be conducted

at scheduled or various times. Our Mobile

Patrol units have the capability to visit

and thoroughly checks a client's property

or business site at any specified time.

We can also patrol unattended sites at night

during weekends, and even through the holiday.

Each of our clients is provided with  a daily patrol report, as well as an incident report in the case it happens.


We are Law Enforcement Grade

Street proven and police tested crime deterrent products and services.

Our Services include law enforcement grade vehicles, technology, equipment, and uniforms. See what sets us apart from the competition.

Body Worn Video Cameras

We use Police-Grade body worn cameras for 100% liability protection.

Accountability is important to us, and we want to protect you and your image, as well as our own. We deploy police-grade Body Cams technology on our officers. This helps improve the professionalism of our officers and help protect against frivolous claims, complaints and lawsuits.


Bicycle Patrol Division

HRP Agency has developed the Bicycle Patrol Division to assist our operatives in a wide variety of assignments. The primary focus of this

Division is to provide high visibility as a deterrent to crime, while at the

same time offering our clientele accessibility to our agents during their assignments. While on their bicycle, our operatives have increased visibility, as they are able to see over crowds and most vehicles.


The use of bicycles provides a quick response time and mobility through crowded or narrow areas.

Our  Bicycle operatives also work closely with business owners and citizens to develop initiatives to enhance public safety during special events or during typical uniformed security patrols. This flexibility and approachability is consistent with our focus on Community policing.



Event Security


We offer out clients a comprehensive and effective security system that takes the inherent risk and dangers out if coordinating events. Our operators are trained in personal security and crowd control tactics that will ensure that the protection of our client and the safety of their guests will never be compromised.



Our Event Security service includes:

  • Evacuation plans and coordinated strategies with local law enforcement through our governmental liaison division.
  • On-site security review in order to improve or initiate preventative measures.
  • State-of-the-Art monitoring and GPS imaging through our mobile Command Center.
  • Uniformed Bike Patrols for large estates and corporate events where quick response time is imperative.
  • Corporate event security, including but not limited to, terminations, board meetings, union meetings, shareholder meetings, and other corporate sponsored events.
  • High profile “red carpet” events.
  • concerts and arena/stadium functions.
  • Weddings and galas.
  • Workplace violence.
  • Nightclubs, Bars and Restaurants

Spotter Services


Our Spotter Service takes the guesswork out of the service industry, which has been notorious for reporting loss due to employee dishonesty. Restaurant, bars, and nightclubs are typically easy targets for theft due to the nature of the business. Our professional spotters scrutinize employees at all levels of the organization to identify those employee responsible for company shrinkage.


HRP Agency's spotter agents have decades of experience in the bar and nightclub industry. In addition to employee surveillance, our agents can also assist business owners in the documentation of theft and customer abuse. As part of our Spotter Service, our agents compile full documentation and provide witness testimony when our clients choose to prosecute.



if you feel your situation requires the services of one or more of these agents please call us or submit  a quote for further discussion, Most can be deployed in either business attire or a tactical uniform.

Below are some situations where our officer have been deployed most frequently


  • Employee Termination
  • High Profile Events and Rally
  • Private Charter Schools
  • Escorting Courier Situations
  • Domestic Standby Situations
  • Asset Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Nightclub and Bars
  • Shopping Centers
  • Bank Security


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